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High Speed DSL Service

RealConnect is partnering with Network Access Solutions, Inc. to bring high-speed DSL service to your business. This is a new, but proven technology, which is being adapted for business use at a very fast pace. This new technology is far superior to dialup service or the more expensive leased line alternative.

DSL uses existing copper wires to bring dedicated and fast Internet access to your business. The technology allows for data transfer speeds that can exceed a dial up modem by up to 50 times. DSLs are dedicated connections that send and receive information at the same time. Always on. No troublesome cutoffs and, better yet, no busy signals. They offer your business immediate and constant connectivity allowing efficient transmission of data such as computer files and email. DSLs allow your business to function at a higher level - instantly performing vital functions on your website, intranet, VPN (virtual private network), and e-commerce system.

Some day all businesses will connect to the Internet at these speeds.

RealConnect DSL provides the following advantages over the tedious dial service currently used by most businesses.

  • Unlimited usage of the "always on" connection.
  • Guaranteed bandwidth allows for faster use of Internet and increased productivity. Up to 50 times faster than dialup.
  • One connection serves your entire LAN. No more multiple dialup accounts.
  • Dedicated connection provides the most secure connection available.

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